“To Wait Is To Trust”

What if God wants us to be so intimately involved with him that He chooses, at times, to respond to the situations of His children based on their faith? What if Jesus was being 100% literal when He said that whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven? What if He also was serious when He followed by saying that if two of God’s children on earth agree about anything, it will be done for them by their Father in heaven?  (Matthew 18:18-20) You guys, what if we simply started taking the words of Jesus at face value?


Please Understand Me (an open letter)

​There’s a difference between pity and understanding, and when I say I don’t want people to pity me because of my illness it doesn’t mean I am saying I don’t desire basic understanding. It doesn’t give you an excuse to invalidate my illness, try to push me to do more than I have explicitly told […]


Hey guys! I haven’t done a health update in a while but basically im fighting possible strep, mono, AND a flare of all my chronic conditions. Sucks, right? Well, I’m surviving this flare. I’m actually doing pretty well, all things considered. Over the past two years I’ve found lots of “spoonie life hacks” that really […]

The Silent Speaks

She picked up the pen and the paper and, with trembling hands, sat down at the desk. Where to start? It had been so long. Gentle music started playing from her phone as she sat there, idly sipping the warm tea that sat beside her. Slowly, she wrote down the date. June 15th, 2016. The […]

The Spoon Theory

(As you read my blog posts one thing you’ll probably notice is that I use the term “spoonie” quite often. On this page I have attempted to give you a brief explanation to (hopefully) help you understand the meaning of this term) A spoonie is a person with a chronic illness. We use spoons basically […]